Why We Do This Work

Education + Advocacy
+ Community Impact

Lasting Transformative Changes in the Lives of Women, Children, and Families
NCJWSTL has founded more than 55 programs and projects in the St. Louis community, and impacted countless policies and legislation since 1895.

Informed of social and economic inequities through partnerships with more than 300 local agencies, NCJWSTL leverages these relationships to maximize our collective impact to meet community needs and address root causes. NCJWSTL does not wait for problems to solve themselves. When we see a student in need of a backpack and winter coat, we are not only there to provide those supplies to keep that child safe, warm, confident, and ready to learn, we also address the circumstances and policies that caused the student’s family to need assistance in the first place.

It takes all of us to make real change — members, volunteers, and supporters across St. Louis and beyond ensure that the work continues. You are integral to this work.

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