Staff & Board

Nominations are open for Board Members and the following Executive Team positions:


VP Advocacy

VP Leadership


The term is for two years to be installed in May 2022 and run through May 2024. If you know someone (including yourself) who would be a terrific leader with NCJWSTL, we want to hear from you!

Submit nominations (including self nominations) via this form by December 9th - send completed forms to Ellen Alper (

2022-2023 Executive Team

Nancy Litz square headshot
Nancy Litz
Amy Fenster Brown headshot (square with background)

Amy Fenster Brown

Michelle Brooks square headshot
Michelle Brooks
Sarah Martin square headshot
Sarah Martin
VP Administration
Hillary Hinz
VP Advocacy
Amanda Stein square headshot
Amanda Stein
VP Community Impact
Susan Dertke square headshot

Susan Dertke Hendin

VP Development
Sue Lapp square headshot
Sue Lapp
VP Leadership
Lisa Gubernik square headshot
Lisa Gubernik
VP Membership
Gail Eisenkramer
Gail Eisenkramer
Immediate Past President

2022-2023 Board Members

Alissa Arst

Barbara Barnholtz

Chris Bomze

Dianna Fine

Melissa Forrester

Alison Fox

Cindy Frank

Nicole Gorovsky

Mindy Grossmann

Amy Hammerman
State Policy Advocacy Chair

Susan Katzman

Joyce Kolker

Phyllis Langsdorf

Debbie Matson

Diane Packman

Marilen Pitler

Jane Tzinberg Rubin

Emilie Schaffer

Jennifer Scissors

Karen Silverman

Karen Tabak

Peggy Cohen Voss

Gail Wechsler


Ellen Alper square headshot
Ellen Alper
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Chrissy Bellizzi

Marketing Manager - Section

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Jen Bernstein square headshot

Jennifer Bernstein

Advocacy Manager

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Yolonda Curtin square headshot

Yolonda Curtin

Marketing Manager - Resale Shop
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Lisa Gjerswald square headshot

Lisa Gjerswald

Director of Operations & Administration
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Alec Rothman
Membership & Special Events Coordinator
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Miriam Schwab

Administrative Assistant
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Renée Sigel-Hearst

Director of Community Impact

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Heather Silverman square headshot
Heather Silverman
Director of Policy & Evaluation
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Brooke Wallace square headshot
Brooke Wallace
Development & Membership Coordinator
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Resale Shop Staff

Jessica Duneman
Jessica Duneman
Director of Retail Operations
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Terry Cox
Sales Associate
Miranda Dereak

Sales Associate/Ecommerce

Susan Fisher
Sales Associate
Lisa Graham
Assistant Donation Center Manager
Rachel Horwitz
Assistant Shop Manager

Peggy Levin

Shop Manager
Patsy Lineback
Sales Lead

Cheryl Riehl

Donation Center Associate

Karen Rieger
Donation Center Manager

Cathy Smith

Ecommerce Specialist

Holli Smith

Sales Associate

Meg Ullman
Inventory Manager
Simmerjeet Kaur
Sales Associate
Connie Williams

Sales Lead