NCJW STL & Coalition Partners Host National Day of Action Press Conference Against SCOTUS Nomination of Judge Kavanaugh

By Nancy Litz, NCJW STL VP Advocacy

I’m Nancy Litz, VP Advocacy NCJW. Last night President Trump announced his appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. As a faith-based organization serving the interests of women, children and families across Missouri for 125 years, NCJW is deeply concerned about this nominee for a number of reasons.

Kavanaugh comes from a list of potential nominees vetted and ultimately stamped for approval by hyper-partisan groups like the Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society – groups committed to using the entire federal court system to serve their far-right agenda.

That vetting virtually guarantees that he comes to the court with a pre-set policy slant rather than the fair and open mind on which the integrity of our federal courts depends. The president flatly stated that – upon his nominee’s approval – the court would automatically decimate Roe V Wade and undermine the ACA.

Kavanaugh is poised to fulfill that promise, having described Roe as “freewheeling creation of unenumerated rights not rooted in history and tradition.”

He was the lone dissenting vote in a 10th circuit ruling upholding the ACA, writing that the president can disregard any law he deems unconstitutional even if courts uphold it. So much for the ACA…AND the rule of law.

The Supreme Court – and in fact the entire federal court system – is the critical third leg of our Constitutional system of checks and balance to the power of the president.

And this appointment – indeed all federal judgeships – are for life. So our grandchildren children and our great-grandchildren will be living under the policies today’s federal judges rule on. A partisan nominee, approved by a simple majority in an equally partisan Senate, hardly provides the safeguards that democracy requires.

We see every indication that Kavanaugh’s addition to the Court will threaten a host of hard won rights and liberties secured over many decades – protections Americans hold dear, including, but by no means limited to:

  • Women’s reproductive choice
  • Comprehensive affordable health care
  • Voting rights
  • Racial justice and equity
  • LGBTQ Protection
  • Safeguards for all faith traditions – not just one
  • Freedom from huge corporations mistreating employees, poisoning our environment and purchasing elections. AND MORE…

With so many issues hanging in the balance, it is crucial that the Senate confirm only a fair-minded justice who will protect the rights of all Americans — not just the wealthy elite. We call on senators McCaskill and Blunt to protect their Missouri constituents and the integrity of the court itself by rejecting Kavanaugh.

We invited representatives of many impacted groups to join us this morning – including people of color, differently-abled and those of other faiths. Not all were able to be here on short notice, but I will not turn the mic over for a brief look into some of the specific policy concerns from experts in each area.

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