About the Back to School! Store

Back to School! Store Celebrates it's 20th Anniversary in July 2020

NCJW is resilient and can pivot to meet the emergent needs of children and families during these unprecedented times. This year the Store will not be the traditional one-day event; we are committed to delivering the supplies needed to more than 2,000 underserved children in St. Louis by working with our partner agencies and volunteers.

Back to School! Store Brochure

In August 2001, NCJWSTL inaugurated this annual event by providing 200 children in the St. Louis area with new clothing, shoes and school supplies to help them start the school year off with enthusiasm and positive self-esteem. Since then, the Back to School! Store has assisted over 20,000 elementary school children from underserved families in the St. Louis area.

“My son was the happiest, proudest 5-year-old boy to walk out the door with his bag.”Back to School! Store parent

Traditionally, the Back to School! Store is located at Congregation Temple Israel in Creve Coeur. The Back to School! Store have grown to serve over 1,500 children each year and it requires more than 600 volunteers to run this successful event.

We are nimble and adapting to the current challenges of the pandemic – stay tuned as safe distribution methods are determined!

How You Can Help
“This was the best volunteer experience of the year.”Back to School! Store volunteer

We partner with more than 68 local social service agencies, churches and community organizations to help identify and select qualifying children from underserved families whose needs are not being met by existing services.

Each pre-registered child who is invited to the Back to School! Store is paired with a volunteer to help them pick out the items they need including:

  • Clothing, shoes and winter coat
  • Backpack and school supplies
  • Personal care items

We are able to provide all BRAND NEW merchandise through the support of our individual donors, foundations and corporate sponsors. In addition to the store, a Family Resource Center is available on-site to parents, guardians and children offering free:

  • Child vision screenings and dental care information
  • Child safety tips
  • Health/nutrition information and more!
“The Back to School! Store is one of the best things to ever happen to the community.”Partner Agency