Americans deserve – and want – fair, highly qualified judges at the Federal and state level who follow the law, serve with integrity, and remain independent of political pressures in their decision-making.

Federal judges have the power to influence every aspect of public policy. They make decisions every day about health care, reproductive rights, bodily autonomy, voting rights, the environment, law enforcement, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, and more. These decisions impact our lives today, and the lives of future generations.

These judges are appointed for life. It is critical that they are FAIR, INDEPENDENT, and QUALIFIED to protect the most oppressed in our society.

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NCJWSTL supports the Merit Selection Process for selecting judges in Missouri. Merit Selection, also known as the nonpartisan court plan, or the Missouri Plan (because we invented it here in Missouri), is the best way to ensure that the bench has qualified, diverse judges.
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The most important expectation we have of our courts is that judges will treat everyone fairly, protect due process, and guarantee equal justice for all – by following the law. We need to protect the independence of our judiciary so that our judges can make decisions based only on the law and disregard pressure from partisan or other special interests attempting to control their decision-making.
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