Equal Rights Amendment Hearing in Jefferson City

NCJW Staff

Equal Rights Amendment Hearing in Jefferson City

February 20, 2018

All Day

Jefferson City Capital

201 W Capitol Ave.

Equal Rights Amendment Hearing in Jefferson City

A bill has been introduced in the Missouri Senate to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). SCR41, sponsored by NCJW St. Louis member and elected official, Senator Jill Schupp, seeks to ratify the ERA.

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed to guarantee equal rights for all citizens regardless of sex; it seeks to end the legal distinctions between men and women in terms of divorce, property, employment, and other matters. The amendment was introduced in Congress for the first time in 1923 and has prompted conversations about the meaning of equality for women and men. The ERA passed both houses of Congress in 1972 and was submitted to the state legislatures for ratification.

Although the ERA has a history of wide bipartisan support it still has not been ratified by enough states (including Missouri).

Missouri is taking an important step toward ratification this Tuesday, February 20th at 9:00 AM by showing our support at the hearing of Senator Schupp’s legislation.

If you are interested in joining us in Jefferson City, please contact:

Ellen Alper, Executive Director


Heather Silverman, Program Director

Please join us and other NCJW members and supporters at the Capitol!

If you can’t be at the Capitol, please consider emailing the committee or calling to let them know you support this legislation. The committee list can be found here.

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