Coffee Talk with SnL

Brooke Wallace

Coffee Talk with SnL

September 20, 2022

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Coffee Talk with SnL

There’s challah, and then there’s that memorable, melt-in-your-mouth challah that makes you say, “Wow, was that good! How do I get more of it and the recipe?” That’s the way we felt after eating Dianna Fine’s challah (egg bread). It’s no wonder it's good - she has spent 47 years perfecting her sweet, delicious recipe that she was expected to bring to every family holiday and celebration!

Originally from Detroit, Dianna has BA and MA degrees in Education and, when not baking challah and perfecting other recipes, she has worked in private practice for more than 25 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, initially working with children in the foster care system. As an NCJWSTL Board Member, she has been actively involved in many advocacy initiatives, and is a chair for the new 73Forward project. Whether she is sharing her skills to help people or sharing challah with family and friends, Dianna is dedicated to making life a little sweeter for everyone.

Our September Coffee Talk is one you will not want to miss as we learn Dianna's how-to secrets for making delicious challah - just in time for the Jewish Holidays.