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Advocacy in Action Lunch & Learn

Brooke Wallace

Advocacy in Action Lunch & Learn

April 15, 2021

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Advocacy in Action Lunch & Learn

Cultural Intelligence: How to Advocate More Productively with Dr. Amy Narishkin

The National Council of Jewish Women is excited to host Dr. Amy Narishkin for our April Lunch and Learn on Thursday, April 15th. Dr. Narishkin will guide us on how to harness our optimum cultural intelligence in order to advocate effectively at the local, state, and national levels.

With a Ph.D. in Adult Education and over 25 years of teaching, researching, and mentoring, Dr. Narishkin works with CEOs, management teams, and others who take the lead in organizations, to effectively implement the tools for Cultural Intelligence and Belonging. Dr. Narishkin is a Certified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory®, a tool that has measurable results, an individual and organization’s ability to navigate cross-cultural conversations. In addition to her work in corporations, nonprofits, and schools, Dr. Narishkin is also an advocate for Cultural Intelligence at home with her international CEO husband, four thriving college-aged and adult children, church, and community volunteering. To jumpstart your Cultural Intelligence, check out Dr. Narishkin’s book “Awoke in Progress: An Interactive Journal for Developing Intercultural Consciousness.”

To RSVP and receive login credentials, please email Jennifer Bernstein.