Advocacy in Action Lunch and Learn

NCJW Staff

Advocacy in Action Lunch and Learn

November 15, 2018

11:30 am - 1:00 pm



Advocacy in Action Lunch and Learn

Home Sweet Home … or NOT!  Cancelled due to snow–will reschedule in the future.

Research reveals that nothing seems to play a more pivotal role in wellbeing than a safe, secure place to call home. But many St. Louisans don’t have that anchor in their lives because of long-ago policies like red-lining, restrictive covenants, prejudice in lending decisions, biased zoning practices, public transportation routing and other discriminatory policies that – surprisingly – live on in 2018. Our speakers will unravel this complicated issue and offer ways you can be involved in shifting the conversation toward long-term solutions.

Drinks are provided, please bring your lunch. There is not cost to attend.
RSVP requested but not required. Please RSVP to Lorie at or 314-993-5181

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