Why Resale?

Resale is a growing trend worldwide.

As people are becoming more environmentally aware, resale is becoming the new trendy way to shop. For every second-hand garment purchased, one less new one is produced. Resale shops keep clothing out of landfills thus helping to preserve water and other natural resources. Beyond that, resale is fun. Treasures can be found around every corner at a fraction of their retail cost.

The Resale Shop is a 501(c)(3) organization, so with every purchase made you are helping people in need in the St. Louis area. All proceeds benefit NCJWSTL’s community service and advocacy projects that improve the lives of women, children, and families in our community including:

Back to School! Store
The Back to School! Store is an annual, one-day event that provides new clothing, school supplies and books to underserved children so they can be confident and prepared for their first day of school and successful throughout the year.
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Kids Community Closet
Kids Community Closet (KCC) provides underserved children with clothing, coats, backpacks, school supplies and personal care items in their school to allow them to attend school every day, which maximizes their learning potential.
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Project Renewal
Project Renewal is a program that empowers underserved women by helping them gain new skills and build confidence to take control of their lives and achieve their goals.
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Jean Stein Bloch Wife Widow Woman
The Jean Stein Bloch Wife Widow Woman program is a support group to help women who have lost their life partners. The program’s support network bridges the gap between grief and growth as women strive to meet life’s new challenges.
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Healing Hearts Bank
Healing Hearts Bank is a micro-lending program that provides underserved women and families with micro-loans of up to $500 to help further their financial independence.
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